Do You Want To Get Branded?

You either live in an ocean of sameness or a lake of differentiation. Bottom line, you can have the best product, best service, best speech, or best investments, but if no one knows how great you are, then how can you stand up? After turning a countless number of clients into millionaires in so many industries, putting speakers on some of the biggest stages, and having people share and do business with some of the biggest celebrities in the world, I am ready for more. The bottom line is that we just don’t teach you branding or just show you how to get branded, WE BRAND YOU! This is a one-time event that is designed to do what no other event in the world has done or will ever do, and the best part’s free and taught by the world’s #1 wealth and business coach, JT Foxx.

Topics we will cover at Mega Branding

  • How to build a personal brand
  • How to build a company brand
  • How to get more credibility
  • How to get branded outside your local area
  • How to get branded internationally
  • How to get invited to speak at conferences
  • How to increase your prices for product and services
  • How to be #1 on Amazon to get branded
  • How to do business with people that are more successful than you
  • How to 15X your marketing results because you are branded
  • How to raise capital because you'll be branded
  • How to get investments to come to you
  • How to grow your business to be huge
  • How to become a mini-celebrity in your niche
  • How to attract great people because you'll be branded
  • How to build great brand value
  • How to be different than your competitors
  • How to increase loyalty with your brand
  • How to get branded with little to no money
  • How to create the perfect converting brand promise
  • How to create an unbeatable Unique Selling Proposition
  • How to sell more because you will be branded
  • How to create a social media strategy
  • How to protect your brand against haters and fake reviews
  • How to be featured in the media to increase your brand credibility
  • How to come up with branding and marketing ideas
  • How to increase your net worth because you will now be branded


Men and Women Who Are:








Property /




****This not for your employees! We are here to brand the person at the top.


  • Get more clients
  • Get higher paying clients
  • Get clients to pay you more
  • Get speaking engagements
  • Become a platform sales speaker
  • Get speaking opportunities to talk about your business
  • Get your book to #1
  • Get into other businesses or opportunities
  • Get property deals to come to you
  • Find great property deals below market
  • Raise capital for your deals or business opportunities
  • Get media opportunities to promote yourself and your company
  • Get passive wealth opportunities before anyone else
  • Attract great talent and team members to grow your business






Speakers at this Event

Brent Turley

Born in Berkley, California, Brent Turley played baseball growing up. He was awarded Athlete of the Year at his high school and would later go on to graduate from Brigham Young University with a B.S. in Sports Business Management.

His love of sports turned into a coaching career. He coaches his many athletic children in a variety of sports and has opened up his own coaching camp for aspiring children athletes. In addition to coaching his own children, Brent dedicates his time to mentoring and coaching struggling entrepreneurs and people who want to start their own business.

Brent also does more than just coaching. He has been a Senior Executive and Development Leader for over 27 years while leading several multi-million dollar businesses to record sales and revenue. He is an authority in leading and directing large teams as well as an elite sales mastery in generating over 8 Million over the past 3 years.

He has spoken on the same stage as Jack Welch, Steve Wozniak, Al Pacino, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Eisner, Hugh Hilton, as well as many other high-profile business leaders. His extensive international travel and experience has resulted in speaking in more than 76 major cities, in 28 countries on 4 continents.

Derek E. Eurales, Jr.

Speaker, Author, Veteran, and Entrepreneur, Derek E. Eurales, Jr. , retired from a 25-year career in the United States Army as a Career Counselor and three-tour Iraq War veteran. He brings the experience of more than 5,000 career placements that he parlayed into a successful business helping Veterans find careers that are high compatibility, high satisfaction, high salaried, and highly upward mobile. He became a coaching client of the World’s #1 Wealth and Business Coach, JT Foxx, in 2017 and quickly scaled his business to success by implementing plans laid out by his coaches.

After an impressive stage presentation and interview in Johannesburg, South Africa with JT Foxx, Derek was offered a role to become Mr. Foxx’s Chief of Staff, and he now travels the world encouraging business owners and entrepreneurs with his unique methods for branding and marketing from the perspective of a student and a person given access to the inner workings of the JT Foxx Organization. He remains ever committed to the motto, “Powered by Your Success.”

*JT Foxx will not be at this event*


JT, we are honored for all the help you have given me and my wife Verena on our business. Through your organization and coaches on marketing and branding, sales, and top notch secrets on how to do it better, our business has thrived . Our company made INC 5000 which was in itself an amazing experience in San Antonio, TX. Thank you again!

- Ruben Gutierrez, North Carolina

Attending JT Foxx Organization events and listening to courses purchased from the organization website helped me get back my success mindset. Mega Sales, Dream Team, individual coaching are all huge values. Go All-In!

- Daniel Schwarz, Charlotte, North Carolina

JT Foxx has changed my trajectory in life and in business. I could have been comfortable in the life I was leading. JT said I could be GREAT! Finding the best version of myself not only benefits me but the world around me. Focusing my energy to a laser point has made me BETTER, FASTER AND MORE EFFICIENT! The mindset that I have today is I AM the Top 1%! JT believes in loyalty and gives it generously. I heard JT in Charlotte NC in 2017. He said, 'my friends are your friends, my network is your network' that is all I needed to hear! JT delivers RESULTS! I am proud to be part of a global organization based on ethics AND integrity! LET'S GROW ON JT! I don't take any day for granted with you. 365 keeps us connected EVERYDAY. You ARE the BEST! You ARE the CHAMP!

- Mike Stake, South Carolina


Stay Tuned for More Speakers & Entertainment Announcements…

Jessica Simpson

Brooke Shields

Dr Phil

Michael Douglas

Jason Alexander

Al Pacino

Actor and Filmmaker

Sylvester Stallone

Actor, Screenwriter, & Film Director

Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg

Bethenny Frankel

American reality TV personality

Christie Brinkley

American Model, Actress

Charlie Sheen

Actor, Screenwriter, & Film Director

Jack Welch

Former CEO of General Electric

Donna Karan

Fashion Mogul and Founder of DKNY

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Actor, Investor, Philanthropist, & Politician

Michael Eisner

Former CEO of The Walt Disney Company

Steve Wozniak

Apple Co-Founder

Michael Buffer

American Boxing Ring Announcer "Let's get ready to Rumble!"

Bret Michaels

Lead Singer from Poison & Season 3 Winner of the Celebrity Apprentice

Gene Simmons

American rock group "KISS" & Serial Entrepreneur

George Ross

Famous author and investor

Kathy Ireland

American Supermodel, Actress, Author, and Entrepreneur

Michelle Mone OBE

Ultimo Founder & CEO

Wayne Allyn Root

Former Vice-Presidential Nominee, Entrepreneur, Author

Stedman Graham

Author, Speaker, Businessman

Jay Abraham

Business Executive, Speaker, & Author

John Assaraf

Spiritual Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, & Teacher

Bob Proctor

Entrepreneur, Speaker, & Business Coach

Todd Davis

Chairman and CEO of LifeLock

Alex Mandossian

Founder of Internet Marketing Online and Speaker

Greg Reid

Motivational Keynote Speaker

Patricia Arquette

American Actress

Lori Taylor

Social Media Marketing Genius

Joseph Michelli

International Speaker, CEO at TheMichelli Experience

John Travolta

Famous Actor

50 Cent

Famous Rapper

Fredrik Eklund

Reality TV Star

Johanna Mukoki

Entrepreneur and motivational speaker

Calvin Klein

Fashion Designer

Bruce Buffer

Voice of the UFC

Jewel Kilcher

American Singer, Musician, Producer, Actress, Author & Poet

Mel Gibson

American Actor & Filmmaker

Vanilla Ice

American Rapper, Actor, and Television Host

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Event Details


Marriott Raleigh City Center
500 Fayetteville Street
Raleigh, NC 27601

Date & Time:

June 7th, 2019
The event will start at 9:00 am, and registration will begin at 8:00 am. This is a full day event.